Sueca III 
Fantasmón x Gramola, Yeguada CavalReal 2012
Sueca III is a charismatic and morphologically correct PRE mare with an exceptional mind. Her trainer Marc Amat, a Spanish FEI competition rider, commented she is a dream to work with because she is so regular and consistent. It is easy for her to trust and cooperate with human beings, and she learns very quickly. 
With three good gaits; a long walk, nice trot and an uphill canter, Sueca III is a perfect horse for pleasure riding or FEI dressage. She could also be a good morphology competition horse, and is an excellent choice of broodmare for PRE Andalusian breeding. 
This is a warm, expressive and good-hearted mare, qualities inherited from her fantastic mother Gramola. A good communicator with a strong inner drive, Sueca III is prepared to put in the work required.
Origins: Yeguada Militar. Her father Fantasmón, is a spectacular Spanish Grand Champion of the Breed, and many of Sueca's relatives are competing successfully in dressage, eventing and carriage driving.
Sueca's Father
Sueca's father Fantasmon is a Spanish Grand Champion stallion, Qualified (Calificado) Breeding Stock and JRR Young Recommended Breeding Stock for Dressage. He is 16.2hh (1.68m) tall and very well put together. He has excelled in both morphological and dressage competitions throughout Spain. 30 offspring (black and brown), 23 of them competing, 72 competing sisters and brothers.
As Fantasmon started competing in Andalusia, Southern Spain, he won five out of the five competitions that he entered, and so gained the nickname "Cinco de Oros" ("Five Golds"). 
– 6 gold medals
– 4 silver medals
– 1 bronze medal
– 2 x 10th place in SICAB
– Highest score of 80,55 
From her father Fantasmon, Sueca III has inherited a beautiful face with a lovely expression, perfect proportions, strong legs and perfect back, and a stately presence.  
Sueca's Mother 
Sueca's mother Gramola is a graceful and complete PRE brood mare of mainly Yeguada Militar origins with exceptional stallions such as Official XXI, Agente, Gorron II, Bilbaíno III in her family tree. Gramola typically transmits beauty, strength, functionality and excellent breed conformation to her offspring. 
As a young mare, Gramola qualified for and competed in the Spanish World Championship SICAB. Primarily of Yeguada Militar origins, many of her relatives are successfully competing in dressage, jumping, driving and eventing across the world.
From her mother, Sueca II has inherited her excellent character, her peaceful and determined mind, and pleasant manners.  
Breed: Purebred Spanish horse, Pura Raza Española (PRE) | Born: 2012 | Color: Bay | Height: 16 hh |162 cm (+/-) | Origins: Yeguada Militar / Escalera | Training: Basic | Character: Peaceful, mentally balanced, cooperative, calm. Very good energy under saddle, and very willing to work. 
photo © cavalreal

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