About CavalReal
CavalReal is a team of experts that specialise in Purebred Spanish horses for dressage. We offer breedingclinics and dressage horses for sale.

Join us in Southern Spain, to experience the age-old equestrian heritage of the Andalusian countryside. In our clinics you will meet some of the most respected authorities in the field, and you will find that our carefully bred and selected PRE horses have the temperament, mentality and physical strength required of today's FEI sport horses.

As riders, owners and breeders of PRE Andalusian horses, we know how difficult it can be to find that special horse, understand how to best breed, and what kind of training our sensitive and brave horses actually need.

To help others with the same kind of issues and questions as we ourselves have had to solve over time, we gathered a team of our most esteemed advisors, representing some of the most knowledgeable breed expertise available in the world today.

As a CavalReal client, we help you select first class PRE Andalusian horses for pleasure riding, FEI dressage or conformation. If you are a breeder, you have access to premium advisory services for how to succeed in your breeding according to the specific criterions that are important to you, such as functionality, certain bloodlines, dressage competition, beauty, historic purity, e t c.

Our Spanish team members come from traditional Andalusian families that have bred, ridden, trained and competed functional, competition-quality horses for generations. Educated in Alta Escuela and classical dressage at the Royal Academy in Jerez, as well as the traditional riding form Doma Vaquera, they have the kind of authentic, all-round knowledge that can only come about as a result of generations of applied horsemanship.

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PS. On this site you find images purebred Spanish horses, Pura Raza Española (PRE) and Andalusian horses and their riders. Unless otherwise mentioned, the photography is by CavalReal. The information presented on these pages are to be considered as a guide only. It does not constitute a part of any sales offer or contract. DS.

Alpha Real, Pura Raza Española Stallion, 5 years (Yeguada CavalReal)

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