Electra Real (Veterano VI x Gramola, Yeguada CavalReal 2018) | PRE Andalusian Filly, Yeguada Militar / Bohorquez Origins. 1 year old in the photo
The Mother
Electra Real, a daughter of Gramola, one of our favourite mares. Gramola is from a highly functional line of Yeguada Militar horses, famous for their strength, athleticism and movements, and she gives us excellent dressage horses with much beauty and of noble temperament.
The Father
Electra’s father is Veterano VI, a qualified (“calificado”) stallion and successful Grand Prix horse of the Miguel Bohorquez line. Although his frame is huge with a height of 174 cm/17.1 hh, Veterano VI has very smooth gaits, and is an easy and very comfortable ride. His character is noble, sweet and easy.
The Miguel Bohorquez line is a line of tall and powerful horses that is based on exceptional and important purebred Spanish stallions such as Violin, Limeño VIII and Albero II. 

Sisters & Brothers

Alpha Real (Fer Bulería x Gramola, Yeguada CavalReal 2014)
Condesa Real (Fer Bulería x Gramola, Yeguada CavalReal 2016)

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