PRE Grand Champion stallion Fer Bulería, CavalReal Foundation stallion

CavalReal breeds purebred Spanish horses (PRE) for dressage

The purebred Spanish horse is also known as Pura Raza Española (PRE), which is its formal breed name. In some places of the world, the breed is more known as the Andalusian horse, although this is not the actual breed name. (*)
When we started our project, there were not many PRE dressage horses available. Most of these horses were of bad quality in terms of the physical strength, temperament and movements that are required of modern sport horses.
To start our PRE breeding project, we selected a world class stallion and a number of sound, tall and healthy PRE mares with good movements in all three gaits.
The CavalReal foundation stallion​​​​​​​ is Fer Bulería, one of the formidable Ferrero horses. We selected him not only for his impressive functionality and impactful presence in the arena, but also for his nobility, generosity and great kindness. He transmits a very special and unique feeling of connection and union to his rider, and we wanted to create a line of horses based on these characteristics.
(*) No matter what a seller, breeder or owner of a Spanish or Andalusian horse calles its breed, the only horses considered to really be purebred Spanish horses are the ones registered in the Purebred Spanish Horse (PRE) Stud Book. It is the only PRE Stud Book that is officially recognised by the Government of Spain and its Ministry of Agriculture (MAPA), to register PRE horses worldwide. If the horse is not registered in this register, it cannot be considered a PRE or purebred Spanish horse.
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