Bohemia Real (Fer Bulería x Gala VG, CavalReal 2015) | PRE Andalusian Mare

One of our top movers with exceptional gaits in walk, trot and canter. Recommended for FEI dressage or PRE breeding. 
Bohemia Real has an alert, energetic mind, which always seeks new ideas. She has a developed talent of observation and attention to details, which allows her to piece together the whole and arrive at conclusions much faster than others.

Origins: Marin García, Yeguada Militar
Bohemia's Father
Bohemia's father is Fer Bulerí­a (Kanaka III x Mañoso II, Yeguada Ferrero), Reserve Champion of Spain. An Absolute Champion of Functionality, Absolute Champion of Movements and an Absolute Champion of the Breed, Fer Bulería is the winner of over forty medals in Spanish breed championships. He has competed in FEI dressage and is training at the Prix St George / Grand Prix level. A spirited and energetic horse to ride, he has a huge and generous heart, and is always very willing with his rider. This very complete and extremely functional PRE stallion typically transmits his generous character and expressive, elastic movements in all three gaits to his offspring. A long walk, beautiful trot, excellent canter and absolutely without any winging/dishing ("campaneo"), as well as strong and healthy constitution is typical for his offspring.
Bohemia's Mother
Bohemia's mother Gala VG is an athletic 170 cm / 16.3hh bay PRE Andalusian mare of sport horse type. She is a daughter of qualified Prix St George stallion Mariscal XLIX, a Spanish grand champion with over fifty medals from Spanish morphological championships. Through her father, Gala VG is a grand daughter of son of Estepeño XIII and great grand daughter of Atlantico 1981, the most emblematic Cartujano stallion and the foundation stallions of the world famous Cardenas stud farm. Gala VG's mother is qualified multichampion mare Camelia XXII, winner of many medals in morphological competitions.

Bohemia's Sisters & Brothers

Aurora Real (Fer BuleríaGala VG), CavalReal 2014 (full sister)
Alpha Real (Fer BuleríaGramola), CavalReal 2014
Alcázar Real (Fer BuleríaHechizo VG), CavalReal 2014
Atila Real (Fer Bulería x Esmeralda CXXXV), CavalReal 2014
Bolero Real (Fer BuleríaHechizo VG), CavalReal 2015
Calypso Real (Fer BuleríaHechizo VG), CavalReal 2015
Condesa Real (Fer BuleríaGramola), CavalReal 2016
Dominante Real (Fer BuleríaGala VG), CavalReal 2017 (full brother)
Electra Real (Fer Bulería x Veterano VI), CavalReal 2018

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